drumming clouds

with the tempo of flute air-

prophecy of rain


the wise gypsy

with a hint of smile

feels the first drop


slightly fading-

the lines of my palms

I breathe still


rejoicing river

commune of the swans

ripples appear


For Carpe Diem # 345. Inspired from Adrian von Ziegler’s musical piece, Prophecy:



seeping through stones

perfected by cuckoo’s call

the light of dawn


moss laden trunks

embracing each other

lone squirrel runs


a distant roar

hurried birds flying back home

black clouds gather


through eternal lands

washing the gloom away

white waters frothy


For Carpe Diem 343.

Inspired from the musical piece titled, Ashes, by Adrian von Ziegler:


Slow down

the Buddha himself

did not start enlightened

he walked the path


coursing through valley of life

slow down and enjoy the scene


The haiku is written by Cathy Tenzo of Haiku Plate Special, complimenting it are the two lines written by me, thereby completing the renga. For Carpe Diem Tan Renga Month Challenge # 21.